Storm Ophelia Recovery

Storm Ophelia Recovery

Storm Ophelia has finally blown over, and what a storm it was!

We were all battered and bruised by the wind, but we hope you all managed to stay safe during quite a scary day. The cleanup has now started and we’re all surveying the damage. We’re happy to say everyone at Mary’s came through relatively unscathed and was happy to start back at work today.

We’re lucky, our roof is still attached, and our power is still going, but we know that not everyone was so lucky. Seeing the news, we hope whatever Storm Ophelia left behind, you all can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Part of that, for us, is to get the shops open as soon as possible and be there for people when they need us.

To help,  we have the essentials; candles, batteries, flashlights and friendly staff to get you through the next few days. Check our Departments to see what a wide range of products we have in store. We’re doing our best to keep stocks up of the essentials everyone needs right now.

We also know that with bad weather and no power, the little ones can get bored. To help, we have a big range of board games, arts and crafts and other indoor activties in store. We are also running a competition on our Facebook page to win a board game bundle right now! Board games are great for family bonding, and will hopefully help pass the time with no power or internet!

It’s amazing to see local communities pull together during such a difficult time. In all the drama, the silver lining truly is seeing everyone pitch in and help each other out. Saying that, we hope the rest of everybody’s week is a little quieter, and a little less windy!



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