Our Top 4 Boys Toys- Gift Guide

Our Top 4 Boys Toys- Gift Guide

Our Top 4 Boys Toys- Gift Guide
9 April, 2020

Morning everyone! We're back with another blog post and this time we're discussing our top 4 boys toys. So sit back, grab a cuppa and get ready.

LEGO:  First up just has to be Lego. Although this is perfectly suitable for boys and girls, it is especially popular with boys. Think it, create it, build it. Not only is it great for building alone, it's also a fantastic family activity. Choose from a huge variety of Lego in both our stores, Macroom and Ballincollig. Did we mention there is also new Lego Movie items out now?

NERF GUNS: These are a great gift idea for any little boys in your life. Not only are they super fun, they also look awesome. Choose from a wide range of types and sizes. A great hit with all our little customers. Check them out!

VEHICLES: This is a perfect gift idea for any little farmers or car lovers in your life. We have a fantastic selection in store. Choose from various brands such as Bruder, Siku, Britains, Hot wheels etc. Tractors, trailers, trucks, cars, jeeps and much more. With such a great range available, we're sure there will be something everyone will love. The only issue you'll have is that there's too much choice.

SLIME/PUTTY: This is hugely popular at the moment. Thankfully there are so many variations you can get. Not only can you buy pre-made ones, customers can also get sets to allow you to create your own. We also stock individual ingredients to make your own. From our experience, anything gooey and gross is very popular with most little boys. Check it out in store.

If you'd like to see more boys toys inspiration then why not take a look at our toy section on our website.

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