The Importance Of Shopping Local

The Importance Of Shopping Local

The Importance Of Shopping Local
9 April, 2020

The Importance Of Shopping Local

Happy new year! It’s 2019, try to fathom that for a minute. Where does the time go, eh? One second we’re rushing around all over the place trying to do our Christmas shopping and the next we’re packing away all the decorations and back to our diets. Now throughout all that chaos, I ask you to think- how many local shops did I support?

Did you do all your shopping online?

Did you pop into Cork city for the day on a Saturday to get it all done together?

Or maybe you got the Aircoach to Dublin and did all your shopping up there.

These are all great ways to do your shopping but unfortunately your own local shops suffer as a result. You see, when you decide to support local, you are supporting a friend, a family, a dream. It also creates and keeps local jobs which in some cases can be extremely difficult. You know that behind all of these businesses there is so much hard work and dedication, and more importantly a person. A person who has spent so much time putting their all into their business.

Sometimes if somewhere is long established you may have some very fond memories there and there is always the options of making new ones that you’ll eventually cherish.

It’s fantastic to have so many options nowadays with all the chain stores being on the rise but maybe just spare a thought for the little guys next time you make a purchase. Having a variety of local shops still open in your area is truly a wonderful thing that should never be taken for granted, but unfortunately it is normally only appreciated fully when it is gone.

Shopping local keeps shops in your local area.

So if you want to shop more locally, why not pop in store to us and check out our various departments such as toys, stationary and household.

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