Halloween Haunting at Mary’s!

Halloween Haunting at Mary’s!

Halloween Haunting at Mary’s!
9 April, 2020

The bank holiday weekend is over but Halloween is finally here.
We hope everyone is well recovered after a lovely 3 day weekend. Our staff are well rested and ready to help you get sorted for any last minute Halloween bits.

For some, Halloween is a day of expression and creativity. The one day of the year where you can wear whatever you like, and no one bats an eyelid. Its perfectly acceptable to walk down the street dressed as a zombie, a vampire, a witch or your favorite character. However a lot of people enjoy the makeup and face painting aspect. Being able to transform someone into virtually anything with the power of paint. Here at Mary’s, we like to support that creativity by stocking plenty different costumes, face paints and accessories, to help you to come up with the perfect costume. We also stock kids costumes all year round, for those of you who don’t want to condense all the dress up fun into one day.

Parties are one of the best aspects of Halloween. Being able to dress up whatever way you want, dancing to scary music, eating spooky snacks and having the best time with all your fellow ghouls and monsters. Recently a lot of children in our area of Macroom went to Halloween discos that their schools had organised. The excitement on their faces was heart warming when they came into us at Mary’s for any last minute spooky accessories. We loved getting to serve little witches and werewolves! A lot of adults also went to costume parties. With the Jazz festival being on in Cork city, it insured an amazing atmosphere over the bank holiday weekend, whether you were dressed up or not.

For those who aren’t into the whole going out scene, then staying at home carving pumpkins while watching Hocus Pocus, the Addams family or any spooky film is always the makings of a great night. Many families also do some Halloween baking. Gingerbread ghosts, chocolate witches, zombie cookies etc, if you can name it, you can bake it. Check out our baking and household department in store or online, if you’re in the mood for some last minute scary baking.

Lastly the main most important event is trick or treating on Halloween night. The night where all the ghosts, witches, vampires and all the other little monsters come out to play. Who remembers how excited you were when the time finally came to go trick or treating? Getting to put on your favorite spooky costume, scaring all your neighbours when you go to their door and getting rewarded with sweets. Its the best deal ever!

We hope all of you have a great Halloween, no matter how you spend it. Stay safe and beware of all the little monsters walking around. Make sure you have plenty sweets stocked up to give them in exchange for them to leave you alone.

Once all the Halloween fun is over, don’t forget our Christmas savings club is open. Come in, join and alleviate any stress. Our staff are happy to help you to get organised.

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