Our Top 5 Girly Gift Ideas

Our Top 5 Girly Gift Ideas

Morning all! Very cold out there today huh? Hopefully you’re all wrapped up and ready to read about our girly gift ideas.

Now I know Christmas is over and everyone is a bit broke but there’s also lots of birthdays coming up right? So I’m here to help you to decide what lovely girly gifts you could get. Here are our top 5:

LOL SURPRISE: There is no doubt these are still hugely popular and a great gift idea for any little girls. Besides the standard dolls there is also so many variations of the brand that you can buy. You can’t go wrong with one of these! Perfect especially for any girly girls.

lol surprise

LOL Surprise girly gift

BEANIE BOOS: The cutest little stuffed animals that your girly girl is sure to love. Choose from a variety of different types and sizes. There’s one to suit everyone, and they come with their own name and birthday. Who wouldn’t love a little furry friend. The perfect girly gift.

owl beanie boo

POOPSIE SLIME: Although this might sound kinda gross, it’s actually a huge hit with little girls. Ultimately it’s messy slimy unicorn poop but I mean who doesn’t love unicorn stuff? Plus slime and putty are extremely popular at the moment.

Poopsie slime girly gift

OUR GENERATION DOLLS: These dolls are just a fabulous gift idea. Not only can you choose from a wide range of dolls, customers can also get different outfits, horses and accessories. They’re a little bit bigger than standard dolls but that makes them even better. Loads to choose from.

Our generation girly gifts

ART & CRAFTS: Lastly we have our art and crafts range in store. Perfect for any little girl who loves to make and create. Choose from a variety of sets including Aquabeads, Crayola, Bunchems, Blo Pens, Gel a peel, Glam Goo and many more. There is a set there to suit everyone. We love this gift idea as it allows for creativity and lets face it, it’s perfect for a rainy day activity.

art girly gift


Hopefully this gave you a bit of inspiration for when you next need to pick a gift for a girly girl.

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